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About Us

Taking roots from design and manufacturing of HVAC products for almost three decades, Caire Consult was established in 1996 with the objective of specialization in Air Movement and Control products for Central Air Conditioning Systems.

As the market in India matures with fire safety, smoke control and general air quality within the HVAC systems gaining priority, our decades of experience working with leading HVAC design consultants in the country gave us the strategic edge to introduce newer, better and efficient systems addressing these needs.

Who We Are

who we are

We are one of the oldest companies in India, designing and manufacturing products for HVAC control and management systems under the brand 'CONAIRE'.

We are also among the first companies in the country to develop intelligent control systems that help monitor the HVAC and ventilation requirements in real time and thus affect optimum usage of resources and efficient environment control. Today, Conaire offers a number of products and solutions to help you meet your goals of optimal indoor air quality at reduced energy costs.


  • 2004  -
  • Expansion of production facilities with state of art production equipment at Greater Noida.

  • 2009  -
  • Introduced Air Monitoring & Control Equipment for Optimized Ventilation & reduced Energy Costs.

  • Addition of new production facility for grilles, diffusers and volume control dampers.

  • 2011  -
  • Implemented Quality Management System, certified by most prestigious TUV SUD.

  • Our VAQ Station for demand controlled ventilation, awarded the best innovative product for indoor air quality.

  • 2014  -
  • 'On demand Car Park Ventilation System' for healthier environment and air quality. awarded the best product for indoor air quality.

  • 'Wire-free solar IAQ Controller', awarded the best green product.

How Can We Help You

 Green Building Consultants

Discover a range of Cost effective air monitoring and control systems that improve indoor air quality and affect significant savings in energy costs.


Talk to us for products for both exterior and interior applications that will elevate the status of your buildings in design, aesthetics and functionality.

 Real Estate Developers and Builders

Our products that can add tremendous value to the HVAC systems in your buildings. From fire and smoke safety, to demand controlled ventilation and energy efficiencies that bring good returns on investments and help you earn Leed Credits as well.

 MEP Consultants

We have a range of products can help you design HVAC intelligent and efficient systems for modern buildings for all verticals like hospitality, healthcare, pharma, commercial, residential etc.

Some of Our Installations

Company News

Being able to bring new products at regular intervals is what differentiates us. Our focus is on leveraging world class technology and expertise to develop energy efficient and intelligent HVAC monitoring and control systems. Watch this space for our new product releases.

Wire-free Solar IAQ Controller
Wire-free Solar IAQ Controller

We have recently developed a very nifty and innovative product to monitor indoor air quality - the wire-free solar IAQ. A compact unit complete with highly efficient and reliable CO2, Temperature and Humidity sensors with set-point adjustments and a large display screen. The unit is totally portable, requiring no wires and no...

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Demand Controlled Ventilation for Car Parks
Demand Controlled Ventilation for Car Parks

Traditionally CO is considered to be biggest threat in car parks, and NOx where there are heavy loads of diesel vehicles. CO levels typically should be maintained within 29 (25) mg/m^3 (ppm), with peak levels not to exceed 137 (115) mg/m^3 (ppm), as per NBC India. Whereas NOx should be maintained within 1 ppm, as per...

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Biggest Leap in Demand Controlled Ventilation
Biggest Leap in Demand Controlled Ventilation

We managed our biggest leap in demand controlled ventilation some time back. Traditionally VAV terminals were installed in supply air with a thermostat to provide temperature control, however now we are installing VAQ Stations with more accurate airflow measurement and control which comes with CO2, and rH sensors in...

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